CAST: Annual reporting requirements

This year all CAST accredited fellowship programs will be expected to complete a two-step annual report process. The first step will be to complete the CAST Annual Accreditation Verification Form.

The data needed to complete the first step in the annual accreditation verification/review form are:

  • Basic program information
  • Case information for the fellowship program
  • Case information for the most recent fellow to complete the program
    • Sample of these documents can be found by clicking on any of the sub specialties listed below.

Annual verification/review forms must be completed on-line, no e-mail or paper copies will be accepted

The second step will be the completion of the ADS data through the ACGME process. This step in the process has been in place for a few years, it should be familiar. The ACGME will be reaching out for this data in August.

It is our goal that by next year we will be able to complete the annual review process in a single step.

Click on any sub-specialty below to see what data needs to be reported annually.

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